EDUcate inFLUenza VACcine

Welcome to EDUFLUVAC, a collaborative project funded under the European Commission (EC) 7th Framework Programme (FP7) and coordinated by the European Vaccine Initiative (EVI).  The four-year project was initiated in November 2013 and has an overall budget of € 4.6 million.  The project is the joint effort of leading European experts from academia and industry with unique and specific technological expertise in vaccine development.  

The EDUFLUVAC project aims at developing a “universal” influenza vaccine that can provide longer-lasting and broader protection against multiple strains of influenza virus.  EDUFLUVAC will provide the proof of principle of a novel influenza vaccine concept that does not have to be updated annually, does not have to be manufactured on an annual basis, and will not require an annual vaccination campaign.  It will also provide an economically viable large scale production platform for influenza vaccine which, in the event of a pandemic, could manufacture rapidly high quantities of vaccine. 

The aimed level of broad protection will reduce the burden of disease that influenza imposes across Europe and other regions on an annual basis.


Group picture taken at the EDUFLUVAC Kick-Off Meeting in Heidelberg on 20 November 2013.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under Grant agreement no: 602640

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16 October 2017

TRANSVAC: European Vaccine Research and Development Infrastructure

Open Call for Vaccine Development Services

12 October 2017

EDUFLUVAC Final Meeting

After four years of collaborative research activities towards the development of a broadly reactive influenza vaccine, the European Commission-funded project EDUFLUVAC will be concluded by the end of October 2017. The EDUFLUVAC partners met for the final project meeting on 09-10 October in Brussels, Belgium to review the results generated and plan for future activities. 

19 June 2017

Horizon: Closing in on a universal flu vaccine

European efforts towards the development of a broadly reactive influenza vaccine. Read more here.