The EDUFLUVAC Independent Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) is composed of three external experts with outstanding experience in the field of pre-clinical development of influenza vaccines, animal models and ethical aspects. 

The ISAC Members have been appointed by the EDUFLUVAC Project Steering Committee (PSC) through an open and transparent selection process.

The designation of and retention of the EDUFLUVAC ISAC Member is conditional on their signing the Declaration of Commitment, the Confidentiality Agreement and the EDUFLUVAC Policy on Conflict of Interest.

The EDUFLUVAC ISAC shall assist the governing structure of the project and provide the consortium with sound, independent, balanced, and useful advises on:

  • The scientific and technical orientation of the project
  • The future directions, pitfalls, and novel technologies relevant to the project.

In addition, it shall:

  • Assess the milestones and deliverables reached by the EDUFLUVAC consortium
  • Mediate any scientific disagreements that cannot be remedied by the EDUFLUVAC PSC.

The roles, responsibilities and rules of the ISAC are defined in a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

ISAC Members:

Dr. James S Robertson (Independent advisor – formerly at NIBSC, United Kingdom) (ISAC Chair)

Prof. Emanuele Montomoli (University of Siena, Italy)

Prof. Ingileif Jónsdóttir (University of Iceland, Iceland)