The EDUFLUVAC Project Steering Committee (PSC) is the main and final decision making body of the consortium.  The PSC is composed of the Coordinator (EVI), as well as all Work Package Leaders with at least one representative of each partner who is not already represented as Work Package Leader.  The PSC also comprises the chair of the Independent Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) and the Project Leader as non-voting members.  

The PSC is responsible for:

  • Monitoring the progress of the overall strategic objectives of the consortium
  • Ensuring the effectively implementation of the work programme to achieve the deliverables and milestones
  • The financial allocation and distribution of the project resources
  • Decision about publications, dissemination, ethical issues, data protection and Intellectual Property (IP) rights
  • Acceptance of new partners in the consortium
  • The appointment of the ISAC and other committees

The operation of the PSC is governed by a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

PSC Members:

Dr. Odile Leroy (EVI, Germany; coordinator and PSC chair)

Prof. Paula Alves (iBET, Portugal; PSC vice-chair)

Dr. Christian Mittelholzer (Redbiotec, Switzerland)

Dr. Gerrit Koopman (BPRC, The Netherlands)

Dr. Norbert Stockhofe (CVI, The Netherlands)

Dr. Othmar G Engelhardt (NIBSC, United Kingdom)

Dr. Reinhard Gl├╝ck (ETNA, Italy)