The EDUFLUVAC consortium is a public-private partnership comprising seven renowned organisations from Europe, including two research intensive Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), with longstanding experience in antigen discovery, pre-clinical evaluation, product development and regulatory issues.

The coordination of the EDUFLUVAC project is assured by the Coordinator (Dr. Odile Leroy, EVI) assisted by the Management Team (EVI) and the Project Steering Committee (PSC).  To increase the chance of success towards the set objectives, i.e. the validation of the first generation universal influenza vaccine, the consortium will be supported by an Independent Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) composed by a panel of international experts.

EDUFLUVAC is organised in five complementary Work Packages, each led by a Work Package Leader.  The Work Packages are as follows:

Work Package 1: Project Management (EVI, Germany, Coordinator)

Work Package 2: Antigen selection and production (iBET, Portugal)

Work Package 3: Mouse immunogenicity studies (ETNA, Italy)

Work Package 4: Challenge studies (BPRC, The Netherlands)

Work Package 5: Networking and Dissemination (NIBSC-MHRA, United Kingdom)






Work Package (WP) organisation of EDUFLUVAC