PSC members

Dr. Odile Leroy (coordinator and PSC Chair)
European Vaccine Initiative (EVI), Germany

Odile has been the Executive Director of the European Vaccine Initiative, formerly European Malaria Vaccine Initiative (EMVI) since 2006.

Odile has spent most of her career in vaccine development, as a scientist in Africa for nine years, followed by Corporate Clinical Director of airborne vaccines for ten years at Pasteur MĂ©rieux Connaught (Sanofi Pasteur).  She joined EMVI in 2002 as Clinical and Regulatory Director, and from 2005 to 2006, she headed the European and Developing Countries’ Clinical Trial Partnership as Executive Director.  Odile is a member of the Science Board of the Brighton Collaboration, coordinator of the FP7 vaccine infrastructure project TRANSVAC, and a member of the WHO product development group for the measles aerosol project. 

Odile is a trained physician who has specialised in the areas of epidemiology, clinical pharmacology, and vaccinology.