European Vaccine Initiative (EVI), Germany (coordinator)

EVI is a not for profit European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) funded by five European Union (EU) member states.  The specific objective of EVI is to bridge the conceptual and operational gaps between the bench product (i.e. vaccine candidates) through further process development, small-scale Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) production and clinical testing.  Thus, EVI provides both the funding and expertise required to take a vaccine candidate efficiently from the bench into clinical trials.

EVI Secretariat consists of senior experts with proven experience and expertise in vaccine Research and Development (R&D), and management of vaccine projects.  Since its inception, EVI (formerly EMVI) has supported numerous scientists from Europe and low income countries, 1) contributing to the development of 31 malaria antigens in 29 vaccine formulations, 2) advancing 16 vaccine candidates into phase I clinical trials, three of which have been transitioned to partners for further development in Africa, and 3) taking a leading role in efforts to standardise and harmonise vaccine development efforts in Europe.

EVI will coordinate the EDUFLUVAC project and act as chair of the Project Steering Committee (PSC).  EVI is work package leader of work package 1 (project management) and will perform additional oversight project management activities throughout the project.