Redbiotec AG (RBT), Switzerland

Redbiotec AG (RBT) is a privately Swiss Biopharmaceutical Company, based in Zurich-Schlieren.  At the core of RBT lies the rePAX® co-expression technology platform for the efficient generation of recombinant multi-component virus-like particles (reVLPs®) and other protein assemblies for vaccine development and display of membrane proteins for therapeutic antibody development.  The focus area in the vaccine field is the Cytomegalovirus (CMV). 

The rePAX® system at RBT is based on the rapid assembly of multiple genes into a single baculovirus, allowing the design and the rapid assembly of baculovirus-based constructs for the expression and the display of multi-protein reVLPs®.  RBT also possesses the expertise and equipment to produce material for preclinical studies.

RBT will be responsible for the generation of baculovirus vectors and will work hand in hand with iBET for the production of VLPs in WP 2 (antigen selection and production).