Central Veterinary Institute (CVI), The Netherlands

The Central Veterinary Institute (CVI), part of the Wageningen University & Research Centre, is a leading research and diagnostic institute in animal health protection.  The institute has a long, successful history of involvement in vaccine development, predominantly in veterinary vaccines.  CVI is equipped with state of the art animal facilities designed to accommodate the entire range of (animal) experimental species under proper containment (up to BSL 3) and complies with ISO standards (9001:2008, 17025).  CVI has successfully participated in a number of European Commission (EC) projects on influenza (FLUPATH, FLUAI, ESNIP) and collaborates with several industrial partners in research activities for vaccine development.

The work will be performed within the department of Infection Biology.  The group has extensive experience in the performance of animal studies with influenza challenges in pig, chicken, and ferrets and the accompanying analytical tests in the field of virus detection (Virus isolation, PCR) and immunological assessment (HI, VN assay, ELISA, ELISpot, FACS analysis).

In this project CVI will participate in work package 4 (Challenge studies) performing and analysing immunogenicity and challenge studies in ferrets.