The EDUFLUVAC consortium is engaged in sound networking activities via a workshops series with the aim to bring together the relevant and current efforts on influenza vaccine and address critical issues such as:


  •  The serological evaluation of immunogenicity
  • The selection, evaluation and harmonisation of functional assays
  • The link between immunogenicity and vaccine efficacy
  • How to assess/develop appropriate immune correlates of protection and potency assays for universal influenza  vaccines

Participants will include all relevant European and other 7th Framework Programme (FP7) funded projects on universal flu vaccines, representatives from academia, public health bodies, industry, World Health Organization (WHO) Essential Regulatory Laboratories for influenza vaccines, regulatory agencies (European Medicine Agency (EMA) and European Union (EU) competent authorities) and other global influenza stakeholders to ensure extensive leverage of knowledge and experience in influenza research.

This series of workshops will also address how to involve scientists and policymakers/regulators of low and middle income countries in the development process with the aim to increase accessibility of influenza vaccines to their countries.